Connecticut Green Living Centers

BIOS Is The Greek Word For Life

BIOS Centers are dedicated to helping people find the balance in life; physically, emotionally and financially.

The Bios Center Promotes Green, Healthy, Holistic, Organic, Sustainable & Energy Efficient Living. We Empower People To Change With Real Estate, Construction, Finance & Educational Services. Everything You Need To Live Comfortably, Sustainably, & Affordably.

The BIOS Center of Thomaston, CT is just the beginning we currently provide educational and networking events and will continue to do so to create awareness for the project, entice tenants and build traction.

Does Your Business Promote Sustainable Living?

We are looking for other like minded businesses to team up with for special events and consumer education. We are also looking for partners to team up with in holistic health, residential mortgage lending, commercial finance, Insurance and other financial services that compliment our model.

The BIOS Centers will create a global network of large regional centers and smaller satellite offices that will build an international alliance of healthy living professionals.  This alliance will be uniquely qualified to create managed healthcare properties.

Office Suites: The BIOS Centers provide a nurturing office suite & Virtual office concept. Professionals are able to do what they do best and let experts handle the rest. Tenants of the center can also be owners in the building as well as buy stock in the parent company.  Doctors treat patients, accountants handle billing through a centralized system; real estate professionals manage the properties.  Construction and real estate development is handled in house. Doctors, artists, builders, realtors and financial professionals work together to build facilities that help people, save the planet and boost the economy.

Profit Share: Multiple income streams are generated through sales of services, medical supplies, retail, real estate development and management of centers, hospitals, healthcare, elderly and congregate living facilities. Each new facility broadens the expertise of the group, and every member of the group shares in the profits.

Secure Your Space at The BIOS Centers.

We are looking for similar businesses that are interested in joining together by sharing office space, utilizing our virtual office and networking. If you would like to be considered for space in The BIOS Center simply fill out the form below and we will list you on our website as a marketing partner. Learn More About The Future