About The BIOS Life Style Center

BIOS is the Greek word for life and BIOS Centers are dedicated to helping people find the balance in life; physically, emotionally and financially.

Food, Shelter, Health, Relaxation, Realization

We support balanced living by serving your most basic needs in a uniquely conscious and creative way that can lead to better health and increased happiness for you, your family and your community and, ultimately, a more peaceful planet for our generation and for future generations. Our center provides an eco-friendly atmosphere for enlightened businesses to showcase their products, services and wares. Our center is a lively hub for people to meet, greet and retreat; educate, exercise and awaken. Our mission is to nourish body, mind and spirit with healthy food and drink; enriching entertainment and activities; green living and holistic healthcare approaches, and conscious consumerism. The six pillars of our center include:

1.  Organic Wine & Juice Bar and Café

  • Café featuring inspired and deliciously conscious healthy fare (sushi, fondue, raw, vegetarian and vegan)
  • Juice/Coffee/Tea/Wine Bar
  • Chocolatier & Confectioners
  • Cooking Classes and Wine Tastings
  • Live Music (jazz, classical, acoustic)

In the spirit of green living, the Organic Eatery will offer healthy fare (without the use of ovens) in a lively atmosphere with terrific ambience. The eatery will serve exciting daily menus that satisfy the health-conscious customer. Our Organic Café will carry a full array of vegetarian and vegan fare alongwith free-trade coffees, teas and desserts. Our Wine Bar will feature the best organic and local wines. Our Juice Bar will serve fresh fruit and vegetable juices and showcase Himalayan Goji Juice, known as the world’s most nutrient-rich food source and nature’s most powerful health elixer. Our Eatery will offer creative healthy cooking classes and wine tastings, sell organic chocolate and confections and feature live music weekly.

2.  Bios Building Technologies

  • BIOS Homes – a cost-effective “green” construction technique that utilizes advanced technology, quality materials and a controlled work environment to build wall panels and construct energy-efficient, durable homes and buildings in less time with less waste at affordable prices
  • Alternative Energy Systems – supplying and implementing alternative power sources, including hydrogen, geothermal, solar, fuel cell, photovoltaic, electric, wind and hydro methods
  • Sustainable Landscaping – provides design solutions while preserving natural resources, including the diverting of rain water; green roof technology; environmental restoration; conservation planning, and wetlands mitigation
  • Environmentally Friendly Insulation – non-toxic insulation materials that do not damage the environment during creation nor end use , including soy icynene, cellulose and rag wall
  • Eco Interior Decorating – interior decorating that utilizes organic materials that are sustainable and that promote indoor air quality

The original building  would have been the only solar-powered building in a historic district in the USA. It was designed and financing was approved for 170 solar panels and the world’s first hydrogen power system in a commercial building. In addition to being environmentally friendly, the building was economically attractive to tenants in that these advanced building technologies eliminate the need to pay for monthly utilities. The Green Building Technology Center offers these technologies to individuals who want to build green homes and buildings at an affordable price. The new Center will be holding seminars for homeowners, builders and developers who want to learn about the economic advantages of building green.

3.   Holistic Healthcare Consortium

  • Therapeutic Massage and Energy Work
  • Allopathic and Naturopathic Medicine
  • Nutrition Consultations
  • Holistic Psychotherapy and Life Coaching

A philosophy of medical care that views physical and mental aspects of life as closely interconnected and equally important approaches to treatment. While frequently associated with alternative medicine, it is also increasingly used in mainstream medical practice as part of a broad view of patient care.

4.  Yoga / Dance Studios / Personal Trainers

  • A. Yoga Classes (traditional styles– Ashtanga, Iyengar, Kripalu, Vinyasa – & non-traditional styles– Rock & Flow (innovative vinyasas set to rock music); Yoga Dance (uplifting and inspiring yoga that flows like dance); Acroyoga (acrobatic yoga); Laughing Yoga)
  • B. Mindfulness-Based Workshops and Programs
  • C. Restorative Retreats
  • D. Yoga Teacher Trainings (300- and 600-hour Yoga Alliance Credits)

Our Yoga Space will offer a daily menu of traditional and non-traditional classes taught by the area’s top teachers as well as Yoga Teacher Trainings and special workshops with renowned Yoga Masters and rising Yoga Stars. We will organize restorative and health enhancing retreats for the general population. Topics will include, diet, mental and physical health, living with cancer and other long-term illnesses.

5.  Retail for the Conscious Consumer

  • Clothing and Jewelry
  • Bath and Body Products
  • Teas, Coffees, Confectioners
  • Props — Yoga, Dance, Martial Arts
  • Catalogue and online sales
  • Product lines that will appeal to our customers that may be hard to find else where.


Bios is life. A balanced life is a healthy life. A healthy life is a happy life. Happiness is the goal in life. Our goal is to create a building that houses services to help individuals balance their lives to achieve greater health and increased happiness.

The Bios Lifestyle Center includes five major elements:  Bios “Green” Building Technologies, Organic Eatery, Yoga Space, Holistic Healthcare Services and Retail for the Conscious Consumer. This unique model can be replicated in surrounding areas and in towns across the country and throughout the world to promote green living and balanced lives.

We will market and promote all of the businesses under our roof with the intention of drawing and serving people from near and far with outstanding services in a truly unique and environmentally conscious environment. The center will do extensive PR and generate marketing materials (website, catalogue, etc.) that promote the center and its tenants.

6.  Real Estate & Finance Center

In order to grow the concept we are building a sales team of real estate and finance professionals to help empower our clients.  Buyers Trust and Sellers Trust Real Estate & Home Services are being created as residential brokerages that practice exclusive representation and NEVER put our clients in a position of dual agency. Realty Trust Commercial will be our commercial real estate brokerage. Property management, investment, construction, maintenance and appraisal services will add strength and depth of knowledge to the company.

The Vision: 

Build a more sustainable world one property at a time.

The Mission:

Create a global real estate services company with trusted brands. Help our clients increase equity and value through cost effective, affordable, sustainable maintenance and improvements. Teach real estate professionals to do well by doing good, building trusted relationships with people that are buying, selling or managing real estate.

  • The center will thrive because of the cross marketing of similar businesses.
  • Each Center will be located to serve a population of 150,000 250,000
  • Satellite offices for will serve populations of 15,000

We are looking for similar businesses that are interested in joining together by sharing office space, utilizing our virtual office and networking.  If you would like to be considered for space in The BIOS Center simply fill out the form below and we will list you on our website as a marketing partner.