Building Science Principles Certificate of knowledge

Jump Start Your Career With BPI’s Building Science Principles Certificate of Knowledge

Instructor Mark Schappert

Are you considering a career in green buildings, sustainability or energy efficiency? Do you already work in the residential building trades? If so, basic building science knowledge is critical to your success.

Earning the Building Science Principles certificate is your first step into the world of energy efficient home performance. Building science demonstrates how various components of the home interact to affect the home’s overall performance. Understand the relationship between the building envelope, heating, A/C, insulation, mechanical ventilation, lighting, appliances and other systems of the home. Learn how all of these systems affect the comfort, health and safety of occupants and durability of the home. Discover why improving the energy efficiency of the home is the first step toward solar, geothermal or other renewable energy improvements.

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Building Trade Professionals:

Build trust. Improve your bottom line.

 You advise homeowners, but don’t need the hands-on technical skills required of BPI Certified Professionals at this time. The knowledge you’ll acquire to earn this certificate will allow you to educate your customers about potential building performance problems, and to know when to call in an expert BPI Certified Building Analyst or Envelope Professional to conduct diagnostic testing.
  • Energy related product manufacturers and their distributors and sales reps
  • Remodelers
  • Insulation/ HVAC/ window sales reps and installers
  • Solar, geothermal heat pump and other renewable energy system sales reps and installers
  • Non-hands-on employees of home performance contractors, including sales reps and administrative personnel


Launch your career in energy efficiency and building sustainability. 

You’re interested in green buildings, sustainable design and energy efficiency. You’re wondering how to apply your interests toward a career. Earning the Building Science Principles certificate proves your worth to potential employers, in the college admissions process, and helps prepare you for internships and other work. This certificate demonstrates your knowledge of residential energy efficiency and the importance of house-as-a-system building science.

  • Community college students interested in a career in the building trades
  • Vocational/technical trade students
  • Secondary school students interested in environmental sustainability

Home Inspectors, Appraisers, Realtors:

Get the whole house perspective your clients need.

You may be a home inspector who needs to identify potential building performance problems in homes. Or you may be an appraiser or financial officer who needs to value green features of a home. Perhaps you’re a realtor who wants to be able to find, understand and market homes with sustainable features. Earning the Building Science Principles certificate proves you have the knowledge necessary to carry out your work effectively.

  • Home inspectors
  • Appraisers
  • Realtors
  • Mortgage and energy efficiency financing officers
Policy and Program Managers

Improve Your Results. Reduce Risk.

You shape the policies and programs that impact the performance of homes and the comfort, health and safety of occupants. Whether you’re a state regulator, a government or utility program manager, or a contract administrator, you need to understand the building science behind the policies you promote. Make more informed decisions and reduce your program’s risk when you know how the house works as a system.

  • Federal, state and local government energy office personnel
  • Managers of state, local or utility home energy efficiency incentive programs
  • Contract administrators of incentive programs
  • Government regulators of incentive programs
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