decorating and home staging

The Importance of Interior Decorating

Whether you are staying for a lifetime or selling your home, interior decorating is extremely important.  Your living space should be a breath of fresh air, relaxing and stress-free—a shangrila that offers an escape from the every day drama and anxiety the outside world subjects us to.  You can do the work yourself or it may actually be more profitable to hire an expert.  Time is money, so keep in mind that doing things right requires a learning curve.  You have to ask yourself how much time will you spend on this project versus going to work, earning income doing something you already do really well.

What design are you going for Victorian, Contemporary, French Country or eclectic.  What colors do you want to use in each room?  Color sets the mood. What are the dimensions?  Can you fit the sofa you always wanted or will part of it end up in storage?

Lighting can make the difference between functional and non functioning as well as setting the mood. Accessories are the finishing touches that add charm and character to the space. Whether you are decorating alone or with the help of an interior decorator, home decorating can change your life for the better!  The BIOS Center can help.

The BIOS Center of Thomaston CT will provide Decorating and Home Staging for your home or office.  Our show room is now under construction.